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How Does Your Garden Grow?

During the summer months in the midst of vacations, it is easy to neglect the daily activities that make your business run. Vacations, activities and other distractions make it very easy to neglect your standard practices and allow your business to survive on its own. Without the proper care, your business will slow down and become stagnant with no new business or growth.

To avoid letting summer get your business down, review the results of a recent survey conducted by Inavero and CareerBuilder which explored the recruiting process from the candidate’s perspective. MRINetwork’s recent Recruiter Sentiment Study showed similar trends especially in identifying the marketplace as candidate driven.

The following findings from the Inavero and CareerBuilder survey revealed several important aspects of the job search that can be addressed to stay a step ahead of your competitors and keep your business thriving:

  • More candidates (74%) want to see salary than any other feature in a job posting
  • Location is paramount for candidates with 65% saying they spend the most time researching the company’s location
  • 82% of candidates feel seeing the team structure and where the job fits into the organization is important
  • 42% of firms don’t re-deploy or place candidates immediately after their previous assignment ends
  • Only 2 in 10 recruiting firms claim to source their databases first for open positions
  • Job seekers’ biggest frustration: Employers don’t respond to them (45%)

Consider how your firm interacts with candidates and how well you stack up compared to what the candidates say they want during the recruitment process. Making adjustments in your office to meet the candidate’s desires may change a lackluster summer into a bed of roses.

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