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An Overview

Established in 1965, MRINetwork (the Global Group) provides executive search and recruitment services to its clients internationally. The MRINetwork now approaches 700 offices globally, making it the largest search company in the world.



Industry Leader

MRINetwork®, is one of the largest executive search and recruitment organizations in the world, providing solutions specifically designed to meet the unique challenges companies today must face for effectively attracting and retaining solid talent. Whether you are top-grading your current staff or building a new team, MRINetwork has a solution for your needs.


Global reach

With approximately 600 offices and 3,000 recruiters spanning four continents and access to most of the world’s top passive candidates, MRINetwork responds to cross border executive solutions. Our recruitment specialists form partnerships with their clients to solve problems, control staffing costs and deal with the dynamics of today’s economy.

No other search company approaches MRI in size and scope

  • 45,000 placements annually
  • 4,500 search professionals world wide
  • Global staffing solutions

Targeted Staffing Solutions

  • Retained Executive Search
  • Contingency Search
  • International Search
  • Ad Selection/Search
  • Single-source Project Teams for Multiple Staffing Assignments
  • Worldwide Relocation Services
  • Compatibility Assessment

Industry Specialist

MRINetwork operates in every major industry, serving multi-national companies on a global basis. Our search and recruitment specialists, typically with experience in the sectors they serve, have earned their reputations as highly specialized industry experts.