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The Consulting team has extensive experience and tenure in the staffing industry. We understand that our clients have unique needs that require unique solutions. We offer you four search options, all of them based on your specific objectives:

Retained Search – We provide a complete, full-service search with a dedicated project team. This type of search can be used at any level, especially when there is a critical need where positions must be filled in a short time.

Priority Search – Our clients use this type of search when thoroughness is of the essence. You have the benefit of a dedicated team who will conduct a comprehensive search of the market on an exclusive basis.

Contingency Search – If you have ongoing openings that do not have to be filled quickly, you may want to select this option. Some clients use this approach when the job specifications or profiles are constant.

Project Search – When your needs require employing multiple candidates with the same profile, a project search is the perfect solution. We assign a project team to your account to handle these simultaneous openings – ensuring and meeting your time frame requirements.